Gypsy Heart and the Bliss of Traveling

    The past 6 months have been a whirlwind for me, filled with unexpected joys and magical experiences. I’ve had the lovely opportunity to travel to the far reaches of our beautiful planet. Now that I have returned home, albeit for a short time, I’ve been able to reflect on the extent to which I’ve been changed by these beautiful experiences, and what I have left to learn. Last February, I left for Melbourne, Australia with the intention to embark on a journey of self-exploration. I took risks, made connections with kindred spirits from all over the world, and opened my heart to be changed by each one of them. When I committed to being my authentic self and leaving behind fear, the Universe guided me to people I needed to meet. I was led to yoga ashrams, the mountains, the sea, the lush tropical landscapes of Bali. All along the way I was guided. I gave and received love intensely, and in the end, had to say goodbye to many loving spirits.

     I cried as I was in the airplane leaving Melbourne. I was sad in a way, but mostly I was happy that I got to experience so much love. It would have been far more painful to be attached to the past, so I let it all go in a huge bubble of light and gratitude. I allowed myself to flow with grace and be led wherever the Universe wanted me to go, with the full trust that I was being guided to those people and experiences which were in the Highest good for my evolution. My intention was manifested far beyond my wildest dreams. I am home and everything is just as I left it, yet I am the one who has changed. My room, my home, my surroundings, it is all so familiar, yet I feel like a new person. I’ve grown, expanded my mind, left behind outdated, limiting thoughts, and opened up to Universal Love. For this I am beyond grateful. I allow myself to accept the gifts the Universe has to share with me. As for the reader, you need not travel far to discover bliss and love. Affirm to be guided to new experiences and the Universe will conspire to manifest it in your life.

Surrender to the Universe, which is pure love, as are you. Believe that miracles occur naturally. Open your heart, take a risk, and you will absolutely be guided each step of the way.

Follow your Gypsy Heart.


Forget the Law of Attraction, this is the Law of Awesome.

“Knowing that complacency does not breed the Awesome. You have to generate the life force yourself; that is the Law of Awesome. Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” – Mystic Medusa

     Our natural state is one of abundance, bliss, love, and joy. However, we are conditioned through a process of societal standards and expectations. We go through the system, learn what we need to learn from books, but nobody teaches us how powerfully creative and loving we truly are. If everybody realized their potential strength and power, it would be dangerous to those at the top who seek to keep society controlled. There are forces in place that do not want us to think outside the box, to play and laugh and reach for more, reach for the fullest expression of our inner strength. Because, if that were to happen, we would no longer be controlled by forces, any force, outside of ourselves. I believe this to be true, and this idea forces me to dig deeper, to look past impressions, to not believe everything that I have been told. These days, I question everything, including what society and those in power tell me, explicitly or implicitly, including even those stories I tell myself. Once one seeks to know the truth, there is no turning back. There is no choice but to continue on the path and to keep going until the truth is realized.

     The path of truth is not simple or without obstacles. It is the continuous, unrelenting move toward reality, and by reality, I mean that which is eternal. This physical reality is transient. It is impermanent, transitory, as a ripple in a stream of water or a gust of wind. It is here and it is gone in a flash. All of the experiences and emotions of my life have been here and then just as quickly as I felt them, gone. There is no time. There is only Now. This is the fleeting nature of life, as taught by the Buddha. And if one looks around, deeply, and is honest with oneself in the depth of one’s being, they too will feel this to be true. It is in this space of truth and honesty within one’s being that one realizes that they possess infinite inner power. This inner power, confidence, grace, and love will never come from any source outside of oneself. When one comes to this space of inner knowing, they can access the power of the Law of Awesome.

     The Law of Awesome, as I see it, is firstly to embrace life as it is now, in this moment. To be content with what one has now, to appreciate the love and abundance in one’s life. The Law of Awesome is to feel content with one’s life without a desire for it to be different in some way. With contentment, we can realize our inner power and take control of our lives. Things are not happening to us. We are not victims because we actively choose our experience. If you feel happy, content, and joyful, it is because you chose to feel that way, to think the thoughts and feel the emotions that bring you bliss. The Law of Awesome is to take control our lives by taking control of our thought patterns. It is actively participating in the unfolding of one’s life, not waiting for the Universe to bring us love, abundance, success, or acceptance, but to cultivate these qualities in our lives. We can do this by raising our Vibration, every day, in each moment. If a thought does not serve your evolution and transformation, actively change it. Choose a thought that is in alignment with who you want to be and who you truly are, love, truth, bliss, and abundance. This is an active practice. We do not passively wait by the side of the road and wait for the Universe to tell us it is time to proceed. No, we must make that decision ourselves and just go for it.

     Once you have made the decision to seek truth and to embrace the fullest expression of your true nature, there is no turning back. At that point, you have no choice but to Just Keep Going.

This is inspired by Mystic Medusa’s post, The Law of Awesome. Her blog is super informative, forward-thinking, positive, witty, and empowering. Her readers also connect, share, and build community in the comments. Can you tell I think she is a genius?

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Raise Your Vibration.

     In the Universe, nothing stays still, at least not for long. Energy is constantly growing, expanding, contracting, and moving. And so it is with us. We are constantly in a state of transformation, of evolution, of moving closer toward love if we so choose. We are expanding along with the Universe. In each moment, we are making choices that can bring us closer toward our goals. Thoughts are a form of energy and every thought we choose to think is powerful. So watch them. Take a time-out to check in with your Higher Self, honestly and without judgement. Are your thoughts aligned with love and what you truly want to manifest? Watching and becoming aware of the flow of thoughts is a constant practice. The Universe will reflect the energy of the mind in the physical reality and wherever energy flows, it expands. At times, I become aware of when I engage in the accerlerating downward spiral of self-defeating, negative, low-vibrational thoughts. Then, I practice making a critical, conscious decision, the decision to shift those thoughts back to love and positivity. I say to myself, “Wait. Stop. I am going to choose a new thought now.” I make the choice to think the complete opposite of the fearful, ego mind. It requires me to stop in my tracks, and to shut down a negative thought in progress. This is when the miracle occurs, when one shifts their thoughts back into alignment with love. And when this happens, it is a conscious shift and an energetic shift. Loving thoughts instantly raise your vibration. You can do this whenever you decide to acknowledge that a fear-based thought is not serving you, and choose a positive thought in its place.


     Try this meditation to powerfully raise your vibration and connect to your heart space. Sit still and silent, allowing the body to relax into its chosen position, and gently allow yourself to dwell in that serene, peaceful inner space. In this space of a calm mind, imagine that you and your dear loved ones are surrounded by a beautiful bubble of healing white light, where only love can exist within the bubble. Imagine the people in your life happy, peaceful, totally blissed out, and connected to their inner wisdom. If you are familiar with the chakra energy centers, visualise that each person’s chakras are bright and balanced. Perhaps imagine a bright light extending from the crown chakra upwards into the Universe, connecting each person with their Higher Self. Then extend that loving white light bubble to the entire planet, visualising Gaia immersed in the protective, healing energy of pure love. Emerge from this meditation in your own time and check in with how you feel. How has your energy shifted? Try dwelling in this loving space and see what comes up. Also, journaling and writing are powerful tools to raise your vibration. If you have any fears or worries, write it out, and work through it. Focus on your goals, where you want to be, and remain aware of your internal dialouge. Commit to raising your vibration each day, whether it’s by meditation, ecsatic dance, exercise, or blissing out in nature. There are so many ways to align with love. Just connect to the heart space.

Wishing you a light-filled day.

The Answers are Within.

     In our physical reality, everything begins with thought, which is a powerful form of energy. Everything arises and manifests from thought. Therefore, it is essential to monitor our inner dialouge and become aware about how we are choosing to perceive the world. How are we speaking to ourselves in our mind? Are we judging ourselves, or others? In what ways we are empowering or disempowering ourselves in each and every situation? Do our thoughts make us feel strong, happy, and abundant, or do they make us feel powerless, victimised, or stuck? By simply becoming aware of the thoughts that arise, we can begin to feel if there are any negative thought loops that are being replayed and no longer serve our highest good. It is here where we can be empowered by the decision to actively eradicate the negative thought patterns of the mind, which seeks to analyze, judge, and logically rationalise our experience. However, it is the heart space that allows us to live from the present, to access our intuition, and to embrace our true, natural state of love. When we release our negative thoughts, we are creating space to align with the heart and live in a place of grace, ease, and synchronicity, where we access the flow of life. It is by living in alignment with the heart that we can embrace our power and work to fully express our creativity and love.

     This is a gentle reminder that the love, abundance, freedom, and bliss you seek is within, at all times. It can not and will not be found outside of yourself, ever. It is my hope that those reading this blog will not take my word for it. Perhaps something I have written here will awaken something within, something you already know, but just need a reminder to uncover. Religion and philosophy may provide a framework, yet true spiritual progress is done by dedicated self-inquiry and radical self-awareness. It is turning inward in order to connect with your Higher Self, the creative spark of Divine Love within. It requires shining a light on all of the dark corners of the mind, including those fearful or painful things we would rather keep hidden, covered in dust. It is only when these things come to the light that they can be released for good. This is a reminder to breathe deeply, meditate, watch the thoughts, and stay present. These are the first steps and they will not be easy. But the prize is freedom, total bliss and love, and living in alignment with the creative forces of the Universe. So go for it. And just keep going. Refuse to retreat when difficulties arise, and instead work through them. It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop. Believe. Believe. Believe.

Going Your Own Way, Making Your Own Rules.

     Throughout my life, I have always tried to maintain a delicate balance between what I want, or what my heart is telling me, and what is expected of me from other people or society. Often I just did what others expected of me or what I thought would garner the most respect and recognition from others. I tried so hard to fit in, to like what other people liked, to just appear normal, even though I felt distinctly separate and fundamentally different. I wanted to be like everybody, anybody, except for my authentic self. Flitting around, from this group to that, from one interest to another, constantly seeking approval outside of myself in order to be accepted. This was my pattern of behavior for many years, and it perpetually kept me stuck, wildly unhappy, and unfulfilled because I was not accepting and embracing my unique self, my inner wisdom, and my creativity.

Doing what makes my spirit light up, and making my own rules along the way.

     At the present I am at an exciting time, for I have come to the realisation that these patterns of behavior have not worked for me in any way. With this loving awareness, I am changing my thoughts and my life, moment to moment, by allowing myself to be guided by my inner wisdom. I realised that even those with only the most loving intentions cannot accurately say what is the best course of action for me in any given situation. Only when I dig deep, go inward, and get still and silent within my being, can I begin to hear the guiding voice of my Higher Self. With this knowledge and self-awareness, I am empowered by everything.

     This is your call…to go your own way. Make your own rules, on your own terms. Do whatever it is that makes your spirit light up, and leave behind the rest. Leave behind the thoughts and opinions of others, for only you can choose the path of your heart.

Flow with Life, Trust Your Intuition.

     There are often times in my life when things are magical, as if the Universe is working on my behalf behind the scenes, and asking me to show up with love. These are the times when synchronistic events occur effortlessly, without my ego bursting in, trying to control the outcome. The exact people I am supposed to meet and experiences I am supposed to have find me. In these times, life feels like I am flowing with grace, allowing myself to be gently guided, as if I am lazily floating down a river, just allowing the waters to guide me where they may. When I release my need to control events, the Universe gives me subtle hints to guide me to the right place at the right time. Things do not go according to my plan. When I am aligned with Universal Love, things go far better than I could have imagined or planned for. One example of when I allowed myself to be guided was when I followed my heart to Bali. There was an inner knowing that I had to see this beautiful island and lose myself in her lush tropical landscapes. I bought the airline tickets before my mind could think of reasons to stop me. I had no idea how I was going to get around in Bali. I did not make any plans, but I set the intention to follow my heart and I was guided to the most amazing friends and experiences, far beyond anything I had anticipated. Throughout my travels, I felt watched over, loved, and cared for. Everything was unfolding effortlessly, as I was guided here to there, manifesting my intention many times over. I was completely in the flow, operating from the heart space, the place of feeling and intuitive knowing


     When I resist or operate from fear and ego, things do not flow. It is like trying to swim against the current. Things are so much harder, but when I simply relax and allow myself to go in the direction of the water, it is no longer a struggle. Each day, I am practicing living from the heart space more and more. This requires me to constantly check in with my emotions, observing how I am feeling, whether it is happy and playful or irritated and annoyed. For me, flowing with life requires me to release my perception of time and be in the Now. In the present moment, there is no sense of time. For example, when I am in the flow of my yoga or hoop dancing practice, there is no passage of time, there is only the Now. I am constantly reminding myself, “Be here Now. There is no other place you can be.” Flowing with life is living from the heart space, honoring one’s intuition, and allowing magic to manifest with ease. It is fully aligning with the Universal source of Love and allowing oneself to be guided, moment to moment. Like floating down a lazy stream of water, floating along the Milky Way.

Breathe Deep and Meditate.

     Meditation is a powerful tool to reconnect with your truth, authenticity, love, and power. It is all about returning to the present moment, the now, the realm of infinite possibility. This is achieved by calming and relaxing the body, and connecting with the flow of the breath, the subtle, gentle flow of the inhale and the exhale. This cycle is seamlessly connected and continuous. It is our constant reminder to be in the present moment. A few minutes of conscious deep breathing allows the thoughts to slow and relaxes the entire being. I highly urge everybody to give meditation a go, as I have seen the numerous benefits of the practice in my own life, and I have only been practicing for a year. It was not an overnight fix, I assure you that. Each time I sit down to meditate, the practice gets stronger. Each time I make the choice to breathe deeply and release the stream of thoughts in the mind, I feel more connected and at peace within my being.

     Meditation has many benefits, physically, mentally, emotionally, and at the subtle energetic level. Physically, meditation is calming and relaxing. It balances the entire being, and allows one to become the master of the mind. There are also recent scientific studies which support the idea that meditation positively changes the brain. Meditation offers focus, concentration, and the ability to remain in the present moment rather than to be dominated by imagined past and future scenarios. There are many different techniques of meditation. One of the simplest is to sit or lie comfortably and bring your focus to the flow of breath. When I first began meditating, I would count each inhale and exhale up to ten to concentrate. The point is not the stop the stream of the thoughts, but instead to simply sit back and observe. Become the watcher. Notice thoughts without being attached to them. Any sensations or sounds that arise, simply observe them as well. Surrender to the present moment. Feel it fully. Meditation is about being, not doing. When was the last time you allowed yourself to be, exactly as you are now?

     There are numerous resources available to assist you in establishing a meditation practice. Perhaps do some research, and know that you start anytime! Now is perfect. You don’t have to be in full lotus position. You can sit in a chair with your spine straight and your feet on the floor. Or you can sit on the ground with some cushions in order to ensure that the spine is straight and the hips are comfortably above the knees, allowing the knees to point toward the floor. If you like, you can lie down to start. Allow the body to settle into the chosen position and allow it to become still. Take longer, deeper breaths into the abdomen, filling up the lungs fully and then releasing them fully. Then, bring your focus to one thing. It can be the breath, a sound, or a sensation, and allow yourself to be. Cultivate the perspective of the observer, and watch what happens. Start small, even just minutes a day, and set yourself up for a successful practice.

For more information on meditation and its benefits:

Just Keep Going.

     The importance of a solid, consistent daily practice cannot be overstated. Practice is anything and everything that connects you to your Higher Self, that centers you, clears your mind, and allows you to come back to the present moment. Meditation, deep breathing, yoga asana, hoop dancing, spontaneous movement, lucid dreaming, going for walks in nature, getting grounded, breathing the fresh salt air of the ocean…all of these things can be a practice. Whether it is making gratitude lists or setting intentions, it is fundamentally essential to do so regularly in order to strengthen the practice and make it a part of your daily life. This can be difficult when life gets the best of us. Perhaps we think we are just too busy, that there are not enough hours in the day to have a daily practice. However, time is merely an illusion of our 3 dimensional reality. In truth, if we focus on making time to connect with nature, to meditate, or to exercise, we will be able to do so, and time will expand as needed. Recall a time when you were completely immersed in the present moment, in the bliss and joy of the Now, and it is clear that time was not a solid boundary, but fluid and graceful as the flow of the Universe itself.


     The ego is often the main obstacle to cultivating a daily practice. The mind can and will think of a thousand and one reasons why you shouldn’t meditate, why you should do anything other than devoting yourself to your yoga practice or exercising. The ego concocts all of these grand ideas to limit us, to keep us stuck in fear. If we look deeply, however, we will find that the ego’s little tricks are merely an illusion. Devotion and dedication can be embraced if we acknowledge our inner power. We must make the conscious mental shift that we are truly worthy of having a daily practice, and of investing time and energy to self-development and radical self love. This shift in perception can occur in an instant if we so choose. Commit to creating a life of your dreams. Make yourself proud.


     The message that I have been getting lately is, “Just keep going.” To me, this means approaching my daily practices with love and enthusiasm, and without hesitation. In order to fully embrace my authenticity and be the compassionate, loving goddess I want to be, I must trust that I am on the right path, that I am doing the right thing. And whatever little tricks the ego comes up with, I just have to keep going. In addition to the ego, another obstacle is my perception of time, and misbelieving that I do not have enough of it. However, when I tune into my intuition, I trust that being in the present moment is all I need to do. Focus on the Now and time will expand as needed. When I come from a place of abundance and awareness, it is easier to hear the small, loving voice that whispers, “Just keep going. You are on the right path. You are being guided each step of the way.”

Connect to Infinite Joy, Passion, and Creativity.

     Being on the path of self-awareness, self-improvement, and happiness is not without obstacles, yet it is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. It is the practice of learning how to separate limiting thoughts, those ingrained in us from society or family, from the loving voice of our own hearts, that inner wisdom which affirms our true infinite potential, that we can achieve anything. As an Aries Sun, I am often impulsive and ready to try new things, but following them through is not my strong point. Other times, my Virgo Rising side is quick to negatively judge myself and keep me stuck in crippling fear. Devotion and dedication are important on this path, to not give up when the going gets tough or if the results are not happening as fast as we wish. 


     The mind is a powerful tool. It can help or hinder us on our path. We must get to know our own mind, its peculiar inner workings, its incessant flow of thoughts, often made up of fearful thoughts in a loop. When we become aware of how the mind works, through meditation and reflection, we can decide if the mind is working for us or against us in any given moment. Then, we are in a powerful position, in which we can embrace the power to choose the trajectory of the mind. One way to do this is to first observe a negative thought, notice if it brings up any emotion, then repeat the opposite of that thought, or choose a different thought that is loving and positive. It is a way to stop the mind in its tracks, and forge a new path. In essence, when you engage in this practice, you are creating new neural pathways in the brain, new ways of thinking. At first it will be hard, as if you are forging a new trail in a dense forest. But with each positive thought, the trail will become clearer and easier to see. In time, the positive, loving pathway will be created. 

     By shifting our thoughts from the negative and fearful, to the positive and loving, we are creating brand new ways of thinking. It is a practice, and it must be done with consistency to achieve the result. The key is to trust our inner wisdom, which affirms that we are infinitely joyful, passionate, and creative beings. At times, we may slip back into conditioned patterns of thought that no longer serve us or where we are going. When that happens, shift these thoughts back into alignment with love and forgive yourself. No matter how many times you shift your thoughts back to love, be gentle and patient with yourself. It takes time and devotion to change ingrained patterns of thought. When the mind is clear, it reflects truth and love, and our true nature, which is infinite bliss, passion, and creativity. Our external reality will always reflect the condition of the mind. Keep going. Believe. Believe. Believe.

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