ॐ Shine your heart ॐ

Aura Jade shine your heart be free love more breathe
The more we heal ourselves, the more we can fully step into our power and actively move in the direction of our dreams. In doing so, we can embrace our limitless capacity to love, heal, serve, and inspire others. When we shine the light of consciousness on fearful thoughts, they are healed as we come into alignment with the truth that we are perfect, whole, and complete, as we are now. There is nothing to gain or grasp for. We can surrender to the truth that we are perfectly amazing and lovable as we are. The difficulty lies in awakening to this idea. Once we acknowledge the light of our hearts, we can manifest the energy of freedom, creativity, abundance, acceptance, kindness, compassion, and infinite love into every facet of our reality.

Much of my internal work has been to transmute negative, fearful ways of thinking into loving, positive thoughts and peaceful ways of being. Getting grounded and balanced is essential, especially by connecting to nature and the practice of yoga. Also, this transformational work requires me to be completely honest and gentle with myself. It is a practice of extending unconditional compassion, patience, and kindness to myself, as well as to others. It took me a while to get to this point because I had to release all of the thoughts and beliefs that said, “I don’t deserve to be happy. I don’t deserve to have a beautiful life, amazing friends, and peaceful thoughts.” When I finally got over all of the internal blocks that prevented me from fully shining my light, I was better able to embrace the full capacity of my infinite love.

When we shine our hearts, there is no room for fearful, limiting thoughts. There is only openness, compassion, creativity, and peace. Shine your heart. Love more. Be Free.

Aura Jade shine your heart be free love more breathe

Get still and silent. In the peaceful space of the quiet mind, you will realize your true strength, peace, and LOVE.

Shine on!


Harmony in Relationships.

Each friendship and relationship is an opportunity to love and accept others unconditionally. People come into our lives to teach us something and to reflect parts of ourself. Something to keep in mind is our experience is a mirror reflecting our internal state. How we feel on the inside is often projected on our relationships with others. An empowering practice to bring harmony into all of your relationships is to make the choice to see the spark of light in others as a reflection of that same light within you. Unconditional love and acceptance feels supportive in our relationships because it gives people permission to fully express who they are without fear of being judged or condemned. It also allows us to accept others as they are and heal our own anxieties around relationships.


Harmony in all of our relationships begins with the willingness to look past superficial differences and acknowledge the similarities we all share. We are all beings of light who deserve to be loved, cherished, and supported in all ways. Sometimes we need a reminder because we forget this eternal truth. Deep introspection and meditation allows you to reconnect with that part of you that intuitively understands the loving nature of reality and sees the light in all people and experiences. It is helpful to cultivate a daily routine of self-love and extend loving-kindness to ourselves before we share it with others. My devotional practice of meditation, yoga, and dance help me connect to my internal wisdom. When I extend loving-kindess to myself, I feel so amazing and high-vibrational. I share that energy with others when I smile, laugh, dance, and connect with my amazing friends and family.

Sending you much love.

Unconditional loving-kindness.

A beautiful practice I am bringing into my life is extending unconditional loving-kindness to myself and to others. Loving-kindness is choosing to see the light in others as a reflection of the light within oneself. To exercise loving-kindness is to be gentle with others and fully accept them as they are in the present, without trying to fix, judge, or control. When I fully accept somebody as they are now, I allow them to be who they are. In turn, people feel supported and accepted, they have permission to more fully express their authentic self. Expressing acceptance toward others can have a powerful effect as people realize that it is safe and necessary to share one’s true self, without the need to hide behind a mask or stick to accepted norms of thought and behavior. What if we listened to our hearts and treated everybody with unconditional love, acceptance, kindness, and compassion?


To practice unconditional loving-kindness is about being gentle, compassionate, and honest with myself by moving away from a mindset of self-criticism and judgement. Lower vibrational energies like fear cannot exist when the mind is thinking loving thoughts and creating loving emotions. Each moment is an opportunity to awaken, to consciously choose awareness and love. I give myself reminders throughout the day to breathe and connect to my higher purpose to bring more light into the world. I practice loving-kindness by choosing to see others as they are, and to release my mind’s inclination to judge others or try to fix or heal them in some way. I extend unconditional compassion to others and to myself by accepting things as they are. I release my need to control things that are out of my hands. I am empowered by focusing on my mind and creating ways of thinking that are unconditionally loving and accepting. I notice when my mind is going astray, and gently bring it into alignment with the energy of peace and harmony. The darkness of the mind is transmuted into light each time I take a deep breath and bring myself back to the eternal now. In the present moment, there is no need for fear or worry. There is only peace and love in this moment if I choose it.


I love you.