Earth Goddess

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The embodiment of the Divine Feminine is expressed through nature’s creative power. Gaia gives all of herself without expectation or attachment. To be an Earth Goddess is to appreciate the innate power of creation and to see the love inherent in everything. The Divine Feminine is the expansion of our consciousness to adore the goddess and her qualities of creativity, compassion, empathy, and raw, wild power. The feminine has been suppressed for so long because some feared her strength, could not understand her psychological, emotional, and sensual depths, and sought to subdue the goddess.

At this time, we are moving into harmonic balance between the masculine and feminine. The aspects of the goddess and female spirituality that have been repressed are bubbling to the surface in order to be healed and integrated within. The creative power of feminine nature is mystical, beyond logic. Shakti energy creates out of pure love, without need for gain, reward, or control. The male aspects are coming into alignment with the feminine as we move toward balance and healing.


The Mermaid Realm.

ethereal mermaid salty water gaia goddess

Mermaids are elemental beings of the water realm who possess exceptional powers of healing, compassion, and manifestation. They fully embody the essence of the divine feminine, the creative and powerful aspects of goddess spirituality. Mermaids are also known as undines or water spirits. Their role on Gaia is to preserve and protect the natural world in all her splendor and beauty, while also teaching women her powers of empathy, healing, and creation. The mermaids possess inexplicable grace and ethereal beauty. They nurture the oceans, lakes, streams, and the abundance of diverse plants and animals. Mermaids perceive the world as an extension of their being. There is no separation between them and every molecule of water on Gaia. Mermaids can attune their energy to every wave, ripple of water, and raindrop due to their extraordinary empathic qualities.

The realm of the mermaids encourages us to develop empathy, healing, compassion for all creatures, and psychic abilities. As guardians of the ocean and all the life it nourishes, mermaids inspire us to care for Gaia and her waters in the same way. When we cultivate empathy as a daily practice, we no longer perceive the world as something outside ourselves, but rather, as a direct reflection and extension of our internal state. Every person has a duty to preserve and nurture all life with unconditional love, compassion, and non-attachment, just as the mermaids do.

As bringers of light, it is also our responsibility to actively work to heal ourselves and channel that energy to heal Gaia. During meditation, we can connect to the mermaid realm by coming into a deep state of peace, beyond thought. Mermaids communicate through feeling and they can effectively comprehend one’s energetic field to see if it is in vibrational resonance to the water realm. If you feel called to work with the mermaid realm, raise your vibration, which is determined by your thoughts, feelings, and intention, in order to make a connection. One practice is to meditate on the waters of Gaia, every ocean, lake, stream, river, waterfall, and dewdrop. Visualize that you can feel every aspect of water, which is capable of holding a specific energetic vibration. Attune to the mermaid realm through pure intention and affirm that Gaia is restored to her optimal vibrational frequency, including all the waters, plants, animals, and people. The mermaids will assist in this process if they are called, and you can also bring in your angels, spirit guides, and Higher Self.

Cosmic Wisdom & Grounding with Gaia

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For empaths, lightworkers, starseeds, elementals, and highly-sensitive beings, connecting to nature is a way to ground ourselves and maintain the delicate balance that can be disrupted by the stresses of daily life. To be aware of your true divine nature is to accept yourself as you are and to release all ego-judgement about who you are or who you think you should be. You simply are the “I AM” consciousness, that which perceives everything, that which takes it all in, creating and living from the heart. You can connect to nature with your bare feet on the grass or in the sand, in the warm sunlight of the late afternoon. Deep in meditation, you can visualize yourself on top of a mountain, breathing the brisk fresh air and allowing it to wash over you like salty ocean water. In this manner, you are revitalized and reconnected to the aspect of your being that is conscious of its interconnectedness with all of creation.

Rise with the sun and feel its radiance illuminating the light within. Your daily practice to connect with nature will cultivate surreal clarity, allowing you to call in your angels and higher self for guidance. With balance and connection to Gaia, you access a greater ability to hear the wisdom of your guides. The cosmic wisdom that you receive during meditation or dream states will be integrated more effectively when you connect with nature, allowing that wisdom to flow through you into the environment, an extension of your being. Gaia is healed when you meditate and ground the wisdom of the stars and your star family into the earth, cleansing and healing her with pure love and light.

Listen closely. Nature will show you the way.

Surrender & Allow

Ethereal MermaidThe quality of surrendering is an aspect of the feminine. It requires letting go, releasing thoughts, emotions, goals, desires, fears, attachments and preconceived notions. And yet to surrender is powerful in its own right. It’s when you realize the paradox of being a divine co-creator, while also acknowledging that certain things are beyond your control. In that space of knowingness and trust, you can more fully step into your power.

When you surrender what you no longer need, the limiting thoughts, situations, people, and ways of being, you create space for better things to come your way. In the manifestation process, you create what is attuned to your vibrational frequency, as in like attracts like. It is helpful to clearly discern what you want to create, whether you write it down, create a vision board, or hold a strong mental image. The immense power of thought and intention constructs the lucid reality of this third dimensional experience, and you always have the choice of what you want to create. When you awaken to the fact that there is more than what can be seen, measured, and analyzed, you begin to see magic in the mundane.

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To surrender and let go is the act of creating space for more peace, love, abundance, and opportunities for growth to enter your reality. In meditation, I realized I could let go of it all, the thoughts, fears, and self-imposed limitations, in order to be filled with Universal love.  When you surrender, you become a vessel for cosmic love and wisdom to flow through you, with its infinite and relentless source of creativity, peace, and compassion. In this manner, you allow better things to come your way.

Ask the Universe, your angels and Higher Self to guide you to become a greater container for love and abundance. Ask the Universe to bring you something better than you can imagine. This is a blank check for the Universe to flow abundance your way, and continue to amaze you with unexpected miracles. Meditate on your specific intention, and allow it to occur naturally with grace and ease. Expect miracles, shifts in perception. Expect that all good things are already coming to you. The Universe is conspiring to make it happen, you simply have to get out of your own way.

Mermaid Aura

ethereal mermaid luna

A mermaid is a bringer of light who silently blesses all those she comes across. She thrives on synchronicities and chance encounters which she recognizes as messages from the Universe. Others want to learn her secrets. Most people cannot understand her amazing powers of empathy. Humans cannot love as deeply, sweetly, and innocently as the mermaids. From her perspective, there is no separation between every drop of water on Gaia and herself. Her aura is the energy of water. She feels what another is feeling, understanding them at a soul level.

From William Mistele,

“If a mermaid ‘wants to have a human experience,’ it would serve no purpose for her to know in advance that she is not human. Otherwise, when she has to deal with a difficult situation, it would be easy for her to think, ‘The choices I make do not matter. I am a mermaid. I do not have to take any of this seriously.”

She takes in everything around her, attuning to her strong intuition and psychic messages. Like the oceans, she flows with whatever comes her way. She is divinely guided and always in the right place at the perfect time. Linear time is of no consequence to her, for she operates from a place beyond time. The only moment that is and ever was is Now. This ethereal mermaid is beyond the confines of worldly attachments and goals. She is guided by an internal source of radiant light and endless joy that bubbles up within. In the golden glow of the sun, the full moon, and salty water of the ocean, she is balanced and totally at ease within her being.

mermaid aura ethereal

Authenticity is an ongoing theme that beckons her to remain devoted to her inner mission, continually evolving into a better version of herself, to inspire others on their unique journey. A mermaid is skilled at energy healing, with her empathy, compassion, and connection to water. She teaches others through her pure presence, grounded in her peace and connection to something larger than herself, the oceans, the movement of the stars and sun. Nothing captivates her more than the foaming white waves as they crash on the rocks, the crystal blue waters gently pulsing and penetrating all crevices of the earth, healing her, activating her.

There is an internal spark of radiant joy that arises only from self-reliance and a persisting connection to divine truth.  Others take notice of her light-filled energy, but they cannot seem to put their finger on what is so captivating about her presence. A glitter in her eye, a shimmer of awareness of the inexhaustible connection to the cosmos, where she is from. A palpable, celestial energy sustains something larger than her.

Ask Your Angels.

Ask your angels Ethereal Mermaid Gaia Goddess Aura Jade Nature An Affirmation for Aligning with your Highest Timeline.

I would like to connect more deeply to my angels and loving spirit guides on a daily basis. I choose to get still and silent in order to hear their loving guidance. By releasing the ego’s will, I allow my angels to guide me with their larger perspective, helping me realize things that I cannot see from my vantage point. I allow my angels to flow through my creative endeavors and inspire me to follow my heart. My angels guide me each step of the way as I maintain a positive vibration that effortlessly links me to their wisdom.

I choose to stay grounded in the spiritual truth of my purpose and role on Gaia in order to fulfill the Divine mission I was sent here to do. I ask my angels to help me remain devoted to my mission and to maintain a clear connection to my highest timeline that will be of greatest service to others and be the most fulfilling. I trust that my angels know a better way and I ask them to continuously guide me to activate my highest timeline.

I ask for help in releasing the old paradigms and mental programming that prevents me from moving forward. I let go of my past mistakes, leaving only the loving lessons behind. I fully respect myself and I forgive myself for the seeming mistakes I made, knowing that I consciously created my experiences in order to learn from them and evolve. From a higher perspective, I recognize that my past provided many opportunities for growth.

Each day and in each moment, I invite my angels to guide me every step of the way and I listen to their gentle, compassionate wisdom. At all times, I am always on my path. I now fully align with my highest timeline.


“Life is nothing but a continuing dance of birth and death, a dance of change.”
– Sogyal Rinpoche

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To step into the fullest expression of your vibrant light is to flow with the unexpected turmoils of life, allowing yourself to be divinely guided in each moment. According to Doreen Virtue, every person has at least one angel, and they are always nearby to help us when called upon. By placing your intention and asking for guidance, it is given. The power of thought and intention is insurmountable. What you think and feel, you thereby create. Monitor your thoughts and emotional state in order to become aware of what you are creating.

Cultivate a state of mind of abundance, peace, and blissful joy that radiates to everything and everyone around you. Be a beacon of light, an agent of positive change and transformation. You possess infinite power to instigate metamorphosis of your entire being, and by extension, the world around you. Leading by example, you may never know the full extent of how the radiance of your light changed everything.

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Gaia Goddess

ethereal mermaid A Gaia Goddess connects to nature with the understanding that she is a beautiful expression of creation, just like the flowers, trees, plants, and animals. She treads lightly, never dwelling too long in one place. Allowing herself to be guided by the stars and moon, something larger than herself, she leaves a part of her heart everywhere she goes. She is aware of an unspoken truth that she possesses a unique energetic vibration that is unlike any other in the Universe.

As she carries the happiness, peace, and nostalgia of each experience with her, she remains firmly rooted in the present moment. Each breath reminds her to simply be, to live from the heart space, and to continuously release all fear, negativity, and doubt. The journey she is on is divinely guided by her angels and she is always supported wherever she is.

ethereal mermaid

Creative manifestation.

ethereal mermaid aura jade yogini
Manifestation begins with clear intention and a serene state of mind, allowing you to tune into the heart space, the aspect of your being that is beyond words, thoughts, and analysis. The heart knows what truly makes you shine and inspire others with your radiance. It is the ego mind that creates imaginary fears, worries, and doubts that keep you stuck in patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve your highest potential. These thoughts are not who you are. They are a part of you, but you are something far grander and more magnificent than the mind can conceive. As pure consciousness and a divine co-creator, you decide what experiences you want to bring into your life in order to learn and evolve.

If you could create anything, what would it be? How can you align with your clear intentions? What small steps can you take now, and what fears can you let go of? Dream the wildest dreams, and know that you possess infinite power to create whatever it is you want in your experience. Step into your power, into the fullest expression of your divine potential, and you will always be guided to exactly where you need to be.

ethereal mermaid

We are here to consciously grow, learn & create.

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Fresh Beginnings.

Ethereal Mermaid Natarajasana Dancers Pose Yoga

Every day is an opportunity to love more and to be mindful of what we are thinking and feeling. We are changing so much, in each moment, month and year. The practice of yoga is one of many ways we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone in order to evolve and be better than yesterday. At the same time, yoga also challenges us to release all expectations of what we think our practice should look like. We want to do the most advanced postures, but it’s about the journey of getting there and not an end in and of itself.  Our practice develops on its own schedule, in accordance with the devotion we put into it. In yoga, we are invited to simply feel and be, to no longer think and analyze. We can thereby cultivate and sustain the perspective of the observer, the silent witness who lives from the heart chakra.

Make today a fresh beginning by releasing whatever is blocking you from manifesting your awesome, your authentic self-expression. It could be letting go of a thought pattern that no longer serves your highest good. Perhaps some part of your daily routine can be altered or streamlined. Ask yourself, what would a more creative life look like? How can you bring more of what you love into each day? Dwell on these questions with the full knowingness that each moment is a fresh start, a chance to change your perspective.

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