Gaia Goddess

rose girl ethereal mermaid

     The Gaia Goddess embodies the depths of her femininity, her limitless source of creativity, compassion, and strength. The Divine Feminine is coming into harmony, emerging from the darkness, reclaiming her power. She will no longer be silenced or dehumanized. Her powers of empathy and intuition are being awakened as we integrate the masculine and feminine into our being, in balance once again. The goddess will no longer be suppressed, manipulated, and made inferior to the patriarchal system. She will awaken to her sensual, erotic power, with no fear of the depth of her emotions and passions. She surrenders to them all. She is the future, the compassionate visionary, creating a beautiful Golden Age on Gaia where we live in enlightened communities, in harmony with the earth and each other.

Humble Channel

Ethereal Mermaid

I recently received a loving, empowering Soul Astrology reading from Gaia Earth Star, a Pleiadian channel and spiritual guide. She is here to guide us to the truth that we are unconditional love and compassion. We are here to be lightworkers, to have our own experience, to live our wildest dreams and deepest passions. I was inspired by her multidimensional wisdom and understanding of astrology at a deep soul level. Her readings activate your being by looking at the natal chart, a unique expression of cosmic and planetary energies at the precise moment of birth. According to Gaia’s wisdom, we are each born with a guide to our soul’s deepest desires, which can be interpreted through the Node Node and other aspects of the chart. The sign and house of the North Node signify where we are going in life, where we must strive in order to expand and fulfill our soul purpose.

During my reading, Gaia channeled wisdom about my North Node in Capricorn, the sign of the master achiever. In this life, my soul desires to step into the role of a compassionate leader who will guide others in practical, grounded ways. Gaia encouraged me to embrace my role as a teacher and way-shower, telling me to be the humble channel for Divine wisdom to flow. This was so beautiful to hear from her, a gentle reminder to not let the ego get in the way of spiritual teaching and learning.

We are encouraged and invited to be the humble channels for Universal wisdom, oneness, and compassion. Remembering We are One.

+ Find Gaia Earth Star ~ Soul Astrologer, Pleiadian Channel, Spiritual Guide

Heaven Bubble

As conscious co-creators of our experience, we are responsible for how we interact with others and our own mental processes. Each thought holds a unique vibration that can move us closer toward harmony, love and acceptance, or  further away from our path. It all depends on the awareness we bring to the intricacies and nuances of the mind. As we dwell in meditative states, we bring our thoughts under control. It is in the stillness and silence of the mind, the absence of thought, where we can truly hear the heart loud and clear.

At the greatest depths of our being, we know the truth of why we are here. If we are honest and gentle with ourselves, we can begin to know the ways of the heart and harmonize them with the mental plane. All is in alignment within and without as we can continue along the path ahead. We are asked to bring more Divine light to the world by creating our unique heaven bubble, a beautiful concept from Charis Melina. I imagine everybody doing what they love the most, what makes their soul sparkle and shine within vibrant rainbow bubbles filled with light. You know that you are in a heaven bubble when you look around and see love, kindness, and inspiration. I invite you to tune into the heart space, ask what would be in the highest good to create, and move in the direction of manifestation by taking guided action.

We are here to create heaven on earth. We are now in the process of manifesting a unique expression of our heaven bubble, then merging with others who have also created a paradise and sanctuary on Gaia. This movement and awakening gathers until all are encompassed by the divine wisdom of oneness, unconditional love.

Fall in Love

I invite you to fall in love with yourself, madly, and fall in love with your practice. This is not about egotistical narcissism or attachment to results, but instead an offering to the Universe, acknowledging and treating yourself as a Divine being. This is a powerful call to all those who resonate with a spiritual mission to bring more light to Gaia. Devote yourself to your practice, whatever it may be, yoga, painting, dance, snowboarding, hiking. You are asked to approach this chosen practice with total awareness and patience. In the midst of your practice, offer your complete presence, which is the most powerful thing you can do.

In this moment, you can ask for help in releasing old programs of doubt, fear, and judgement that stand in the way of falling completely and totally in love with your practice. Affirm that you will approach your daily devotion to the Universe as an offering of unconditional love. Release attachment to results, as in trying to get something out of it. That’s not what it’s about. Detach from the outcome, and you will effectively allow all good things to come your way in Divine time.

Love yourself more.
Fall in love with your practice. 
Shine on.

Mermaid wisdom of the Moon

The wisdom of the mermaids and elementals is tied to the lunar cycles. The mermaids encourage us to embrace the Divine Feminine within by practicing intuition and meditation. Mermaids also urge us to learn about the interconnectedness of astrology, yoga, and the moon cycles. Sacred ceremonies during the new moon and full moon are powerful times to set new intentions. Light candles, choose several oracle cards, meditate with crystals, write. 

By learning about the lunar cycles, we see the reflective depths of our emotions and desires. With assertiveness, we can stand up for ourselves and make our boundaries known to others. We also attract abundant opportunities to manifest new experiences and creations. Mermaids gently remind us to be be vulnerable as we open up to our heart’s deepest wishes and our highest potential. In order to awaken to the reality of something better, we must be open to receiving it. 

Invite the Fairies

There are many ways to invite the whimsical fun and creativity of the fairy realm into your life. Elemental spirits, including fairies and mermaids, are willing to help us if we call upon them. As multi-dimensional beings, they can see our auric field and take great care about who they interact with. Fairies adore those who are care-takers of Gaia, like them. They smile upon people who help animals, plants, and the environment. You can show that you are friendly to the fairies by picking up litter, volunteering for an environmental cause, or adopting a loving pet. The fairies also appreciate heart-felt offerings of tea, herbs, honey, sweets, and flowers.


Fairies can be fun to work with, yet mischievous. They enjoy playing light-hearted games and celebrating the beauty of Gaia. They remind us to be stewards of our planet and to share child-like joy and ethereal wonder. The water spirits and mermaids who preside over the ocean also encourage us to use non-toxic cleaning products in order to help the ocean and her abundant life forms. In meditation, we can work with the fairies and mermaids to assist us in our own healing process as we awaken to greater opportunities to serve Gaia. Their main message is to serve without attachment, heal others, celebrate the divinity of all life, love unconditionally.

Call upon the elementals to assist in healing Gaia, and they will help you discover creative opportunities to serve.

Inspired by
Fairy Magic with Charis Melina & Krista Raisa, Galactic Faerie.
When I say Fairies…I mean Fairies by Beth Watson

Vibrate with the Cosmos

Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear the path.
– Yogi Bhajan, 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age

The final sutra of the Aquarian Age gives us the guidance we need to continue along the spiritual path. Through the stillness of meditation and devotion to our sadhana, we become more attuned to the wisdom of the heart, which will never lead us astray. To vibrate in harmony with the cosmos is to dwell in the knowingness that all life is sacred, beautiful, and divine. We see the divine spark of love within another, acknowledging our own reflection within. We surrender the fearful voice of the ego mind and judgment. By finding solace in cosmic wisdom, we effectively ground new paradigms and ways of being into Gaia’s light grid. We find refuge in the heart space, expressing our authentic, divine nature. We raise our vibration, acting, thinking, and being in harmony with all that is.

Sat Nam.

Understand through Compassion

Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
– Yogi Bhajan, 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age

The fourth sutra of the Aquarian Age gently encourages us to approach every relationship and experience in our lives with unconditional acceptance and compassion. Our skills of intuition and empathy allow us to develop deep soul connections with others, moving beyond words to see the divine spark of love in another as a reflection of our true nature. The daily practice of compassion allows us to release ego-based judgements which keep us separate from others. We are supported as we bring fifth-dimensional awareness to Gaia, a perspective which recognizes the inherent divinity of all and our interconnectedness.

By changing how we perceive our life’s experiences, we can adopt an empowered, inclusive approach to the way we interact with others. If we fail to extend compassion to another, we are simply stuck in old ways of being that are more confining than expanding. We are here to be the compassionate lightworkers and guides for others. Yogi Bhajan gave us these sutras so that we may thrive and transform in a time of Gaia’s multidimensional awakening.