Fresh Start

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“Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”
– A Course in Miracles

The New Moon in Taurus invites us to look ahead with optimism, planting the seeds of our deepest desires. It is a wonderful time to dwell in the quietude of meditative contemplation, to commune with nature, and set intentions for the future. Bask in the glory of the sun, allowing it to dissolve any negativity within or around you. At this time, we are assisted in leaving behind the baggage of fear, worry, and outdated contracts. Detouring into fear is no longer a viable option. Instead, we look to future with the intention of conscious evolution.

Taurus is grounded, practical, and dependable. We can tap into the Taurus energy of focus and determination in order to bring our manifestations into form, as this sign rules the physical world. When we align our thought, word, and action, we clearly communicate that we are a vibrational match for our desire. We are ready to receive abundance, love, and limitless possibility. We are ready to take action on our heart’s calling, our soul mission.


New Moon Eclipse in Taurus

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April 29 is the New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Whenever an eclipse is involved, the moon is super-charged, so there will be a lot of energy behind your intentions. This moon is perfect for getting back in touch with your body through yoga, meditation, exercise, and serene nature time. Get back to the basics with quality food, hydration, and sleep. When you devote time to self-love, you feel refreshed and nurtured. It is also a great time to receive energy work, massage, or acupuncture.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, signifying pleasures, the beautiful things in life, romance, and the physical embodiment of the Divine Feminine. She is earthy, sensual, and grounded. She tends to Gaia’s abundant plants, flowers, and animals. This New Moon in Taurus, I invite you to have a sacred ritual in nature to get back in touch with your heart and your body, this beautiful physical form, a vehicle of the divine.

Begin the New Moon with an astrology reading or mermaid oracle card reading.
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Future Focus

Today the Grand Cardinal Cross is exact and we are all feeling the intensity of massive change underway. Know that we’ve already been on this journey of epic awakening and transformation since 2012, the beginning of what Mystic Medusa refers to as the Zap Zone, Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Add Jupiter and Mars to the mix, squaring the whole thing, and a potent initiation period is well underway. The key to navigating these times is compassion, forgiveness, and ultimate transformation. We are not here to play small any longer, or to succumb to old ways of thinking, being, and living.

This time about self-responsibility, finding that inner fire to grow and change in new directions, without needing the approval of any external source. Uranus in Aries is about individuation, evolution, and harmonization of the whole. Channel this energy into loving yourself, living in your truth and power. The cosmos is gifting us with this lovely transformational energy, assisting us in aligning with our soul’s highest purpose and desire to experience Oneness.

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“Conspire with yourself to become even more Awesome. If you’re up for making an positive and productive evolution to any area of your life whatsoever, this astro is onside, supportive and capable of steeling resolve, speeding momentum. If you’re stuck or trying to will a dysfunctional structure into maintaining its form you may want to re-think your stance. Now.”
– Mystic Medusa

Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

This lunar cycle, it is all about relationships, our most powerful mirrors and opportunities for growth. Libra invites us to harmonize and balance all aspects of our lives. Energy is amplified and coming to a powerful culmination point later this month during the Cardinal Grand Cross. This is a potent initiation period where we are being called to step up and act upon the divine guidance we are continuously receiving. It is not a time to start a conflict, but rather, a time to recollect ourselves, tune back in, and move closer toward our desires. We are asked to act with integrity and responsibility. This is no longer a time to be complacent or backtrack into old ways of being. With Pluto turning retrograde today, the depths of the psyche are bubbling up to the surface. Anything old and stale is on its way out as we clear the space for better things to come.

When we flow with our inner divine guidance, we allow the Universe to support us in magical, unexpected ways. We can choose to flow with the energy, or the Universe will lovingly yet forcefully make the changes for us. When we take that leap of faith, we are always supported. The Universe rewards those who trust unconditionally in their path. This Lunar Eclipse is a time to set some powerful intentions. Dream bigger, clearing the blocks to receiving love and abundance.