Identifying with awareness instead of the ego is a difficult practice that leads to freedom from the limitations of the mind. The ego wants to calculate, analyze, and logically understand everything. We need the ego to survive, but it serves a limited purpose. Often, the ego takes us out of the present moment and sends us off in endless future planning or attachment to past events. By doing so, the ego prevents us from embracing the peace, abundance, and limitlessness of the here and Now. Happiness and contentment is not something to chase after or plan for, but something to be realized in the present moment. Let go and surrender the ego’s will. Realize that time does not exist in a rigid linear framework, as the ego contends. Awareness only operates in the present. It is limitless, serene, and blissful. It is the light of truth. Awareness embodies a space of love. The only moment you will ever have is Now and in the Now, you are limitless, abundant, infinitely loved and supported.

     A deep, enduring satisfaction with oneself can only come from within. I found this out through my personal experience. This concept became lucidly clear only after I attracted situations into my life that forced me to turn inward. Nothing in the physical reality could ever satisfy me because unlimited desire arises from the ego. The ego can never be satisfied. It wants more and more. Nothing is enough and yet, it will attempt to limit me, to keep me stuck, small, and fearful. Once I had enough of the ego’s ridiculous crap, I just had to let it go. I could no longer go on feeling fundamentally discontented whenever I compared myself to another or desired something that I did not have. Only by bringing myself back to the Now and expressing gratitude for the love and abundance around me was I able to find the source of true happiness. This path is a daily practice of remembering that love, peace, and bliss is here Now and not something that I might have in the future. Still, the ego holds on, grasping, attaching, desiring more, and feeling that no matter what, it is never enough. By connecting with awareness, I can observe the ego’s will and realize that I am not my thoughts. They are a part of me but they are not my true essence.

     Take some deep, smooth breaths, filling your entire body with the essence of love. As the mind begins to still, the ego can take a backseat to consciousness and serenity. Lovingly dwell in your heart space, the seat of your true essence. Know that you are not the mind, that the ego’s thoughts are not who you are, that you can choose to come back to the present. Bring awareness into every aspect of your life by creating a separation between the ego’s thoughts and consciousness.


Let your inner child play.

     I would like to go more in-depth into a topic I mentioned in my previous blog post: the importance of connecting with your inner child. Sometimes, life appears to be more serious than it really is. We get caught up in the endless cycle of work, the tedious nature of mundane day to day tasks. Yet, we can create our lives to be filled with blissful experiences, laughter, and play by bringing the joy of our inner child into our day. When I am connected to my inner child, I allow myself to dance freely, to talk to trees, to sing and laugh and smile. When I was little, my favorite thing to do was dance. I would play an Aqua tape on my little cassette player and create dance routines all around the house. I would make my own dance recitals and ask my parents and grandpa to watch me. I pretended to be a ballerina. I had so much fun. Today, I can reconnect to that inner space of freedom and grace through dance.

     Find what makes you light up, perhaps it is something you loved to do as a child. Climb a tree, walk around outside, and sit down in a field, playing with blades of grass and flower petals. Walk into a forest and imagine yourself entering a fairy playground. Whisper hello to the fairies and they will hear you. Talk to the trees and send them loving intention. I received a mental image recently during my yoga practice. As I was standing, I imagined the roots of the trees burrowing deep into the ground, solid and stable, while at the same time reaching high for the sky. We can do the same, remaining connected to Gaia as we reach for the cosmos, to embody the best possible version of ourselves. By bringing the playfulness and grace of our inner child into our daily experience, we can feel more balanced and fulfilled.

What does your inner child love to do?

Quiet the mind and connect to the heart.

     Becoming aware in our day to day lives is not easy, at first, but it is rewarding. As our awareness increases, we can look at how our past thoughts and actions have manifested our present reality. We can acknowledge how far we’ve come on our path and look to the future with the inner knowing that we are being divinely guided each step of the way. Nothing is a mistake or an accident. Every relationship, every experience, and every obstacle is an opportunity for us to surrender what is no longer serving us and choose to align with our inner wisdom. Know and believe that you are always in exactly the right place at the right time. Even when pain, fear, or difficulties arise, know that you are always on the path and you are always guided.

     In my practice, I am trying to get out of my mind and into my heart. My mind is forever buzzing. The mind wants to distract me and take me away from the present moment. Sometimes I just want to turn it off. I quiet the mind through physical exercise and reconnecting with the breath. Yoga and hooping allow me to get back into my body, and ecstatic dance feels so amazing because it allows me to connect with my inner child. During my yoga practice, the mind wants to lead me away from what I am doing. When I practice, and when I do anything, I need to be fully present. I say to the mind before commencing my yoga practice, “during the next hour a half, the ego mind will take a backseat.” I make the mind go sit in a corner. I allow my true self to come forward, where there is little thinking, only full presence and consciousness. When I quiet the mind enough to reach the center of my true self, I feel peaceful. There is a beautiful, expansive feeling of serenity and well-being. Everything is perfect as it is right now.

     The heart is the center of our true selves and the heart will never lead you astray. I have a daily practice of trusting my heart more and more. The mind wants to dominate, but I am not my mind. Choose not to view your thoughts as your true self. They are not who you are. Cultivate the perspective of the observer, watching the mind. When a thought or feeling arises, do not attach yourself to it. Take a step away and simply watch the thought or emotion. Through the practice of observing the thoughts, you will begin to realize that the thoughts are not who you are. Consciously choose to align with your heart space, and allow yourself to be guided to wherever you may. You can do this by quieting the mind and getting into a space of deep relaxation, peace, and stillness. Also, do something that allows you to connect with your inner child. Be happy, playful, and joyful. Be silly and fun. Smile. Laugh at yourself.

Sending you light & love.

Love, Intention, Inspiration.

    As I explore the path before me, I realize that the best thing we can do to serve the Universe is to maintain the highest, most loving vibrational energy possible in order to inspire others to find their light. This is our highest mission, to bring infinite love and peace to Gaia. She needs our healing energies and so do the people around us. When we love ourselves and do the deep inner work that allows us to release our fear and negativity, we are effectively changing not only our vibration, but the vibration of the environment around us. Our path of self-healing can change the world.

    I have heard it said that once we increase our vibration, our energetic field acts somewhat like a cosmic filter, transmuting the negativity around us into positivity, if we maintain that high vibration. People can feel the energy in the room shift when somebody walks in or something is going on. What does it mean to be vibrating at a high frequency? Check in with the emotions and how you are feeling. When you are feeling inspired, expansive, loving, peaceful, creative, and gracious, you are flowing with life and vibrating in accordance with love. Negative emotions vibrate at a slower, denser frequency. They feel heavy and dark and not so good. Love is light, and your intention can shift your energy into alignment with that frequency. Feel where you are at now, and realize that your intention can powerfully shift your energy. At all times, you choose your vibration because you are responsible for what you think and how you feel.

    When we choose to operate solely from a place of love, we can inspire many people around us. The most magical thing is that we cannot be exactly sure of how much our energy can inspire and uplift others. You give somebody a loving smile and change their whole day, and you had no idea that your simple act of compassion could have a massive effect. Just by being yourself, you can shine and transmit a message of love that can make somebody want to change their life. I aspire to shine and sparkle and show others that it is necessary to embrace and express your authentic self, because the Universe needs all of us to awaken to our true nature, a state of love.

Rethink what you believe is possible for yourself and the world.

Trusting the Path & going for it.

     The energies around us are shifting all the time. I am feeling this in my life lately, the urge to evolve, to express my creative side fully, and to see everything with a positive perspective. I am becoming more comfortable with who I am. Through the study of astrology, I am learning to accept myself fully by acknowledging and bringing light to the depths of my being. This is a process of self-healing, of getting rid of what not longer serves me so that I may give myself permission to shine. Looking at my natal chart is like peeking at a miniscule snapshot of the Universe the moment I was born. It is unique and complex, filled with various energies and aspects of my being. Astrology is one of many tools that allows me to look deeply into my soul and to accept the mission I am here to fulfill. Every aspect of my astrological make-up can be seen in an empowering and positive way if I choose. My natal chart is a guide that gives me more clarity about my personality, spirit, and natural aptitudes, as well as which realms of life I am pulled to. Ultimately, I get to choose my path.

     The path of evolution requires sincere and deep self-inquiry. What makes you shine and bliss out? What are you naturally talented at? The things in life we are drawn to are subtle hints, guiding us to where we are supposed to be in order to share our light fully with the world. When we suppress our natural talents and inclinations, we are not being authentic and we cannot shine. Right now, give yourself permission to fully shine, without fear, without the limitations of the mind. Know and feel that no matter what happens, you are always guided to exactly those experiences you need to evolve and to be the best possible version of yourself.

     I refuse to sell myself short this time around. I will be doing you and myself a grave disservice if I don’t follow the path before me. I have no choice but to fully step into my power and share infinite love and peace with the Universe. The alternative is no longer a viable option.

And so it is.

Shine Your Light.

     The stars, the moon, the sun shine brightly as do you. If you look into the heart of nature and feel her loving vibes, you will feel that she is gently guiding you to shine. The world needs you to release everything that is holding you back in order to fully step into your truth to share your love and light. After all, this is what we are here to do. It is our mission, every one of us, to discover the depths of our being, and bring them to the light so we can heal and transform ourselves and the world. If we all stepped into the fullest expression of our power, truth, and love, how would the world change? It is possible to live in harmony, peace, creativity, and love, if we intend to do so. Once we set that intention, our thoughts, words, and actions must be in alignment in order to manifest our intention. I believe in the power of the mind, and that our devotion can change the world.

     Last weekend, I went on a lovely hiking trip at the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. It was a great opportunity to release the stresses of daily life and reconnect to nature. The entire weekend was spent outside, breathing fresh air and adoring the vibrant amber color of the autumn trees. I always feel so amazing after I spend time outside. I want to devote more time to communing with nature and make it a fundamental aspect of my spiritual practice. Connecting with Gaia is healing and rejuvenating. She reminds me of the gentle, loving message to shine my light and share my love with others. Shining my light means doing what I love, and expressing myself creatively, without fear. I choose to remain devoted and focused to that which I love, so that I raise my vibration, and inspire others to do that same.

I write this blog to inspire and to ignite the truth in lightworkers, and we are all lightworkers.