New Moon in Aquarius

The new moon in Aquarius on February 8th encourages us to align with a fresh era based on what we want to create. As a powerful co-creator, this is a potent time to set intentions in all areas of your life. Aquarius is a visionary, forward-thinking energy, and this particular moon is charged up with a connection to its ruler, Uranus. There’s an electric energy surrounding this moon, so use it to spark your intentions into fruition.

Aquarius desires innovation and space to create. Give yourself time to contemplate and connect with this new moon as it will be setting the seeds for the months to come. Aquarius is the humanitarian, truth seeker, and inventor. You may have flashes of intuitive wisdom that will give you ideas on your next steps. Go with the flow and be open to non-linear or unconventional ways of thinking.



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