Conscious Upgrades

As you consciously upgrade your reality, you become more adept at navigating the world through intuition. You realize that this world is indeed a hologram, comprising much more depth and complexity than we are initially led to believe. This journey of awakening is about sustained growth and expansion. There is no singular point in which you reach nirvana or enlightenment. It’s way more complex than a concrete beginning, middle and end.

It is true that the heart’s magnetic resonance is stronger than the brain. The wisdom of the heart expands. Its predominant vibration is peace and love. When you move from the heart, things feel lighter, more graceful and imbued with peace. You notice the subtle language of the heart that whispers gently while the mind shouts.

You are better able to notice when you coming from a peaceful, heart-centered place, and when you are coming from the calculating mind.  The mind is a tool. Notice the pathways the mind is inclined to take. What do you fear? Is it real, or merely a thought conjured up in order to protect you?


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