Keep Me Wild


The goddess embodies universal mysteries in her very being, deep in her heart and in her womb. These points of creation allow new vibrations to arise and be birthed into the world. As conscious goddesses, it is our life’s work to fully embody and express the ocean of love that wishes to be moved through us. Each unfolding moment is an opportunity to tune into your heart and see how the Divine wants to be expressed.

As the most powerful being in your reality, your feelings will gently guide you to your highest excitement. There might be a gentle nudging to go somewhere in particular or check out an event where you will meet like-minded friends. Trust that feeling and move toward the unexpected. The Universe moves in mysterious ways. As you attune to your heart’s calling and let go of fear, you are effortlessly guided to experiences that fill you with joy and excitement, as well as opportunities to shed limiting thoughts of who you are and what you are capable of.

Stay wild

Be free


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