Embody the Goddess

For all the spiritual ladies out there who are waking up and stepping into their power… It’s time to own it. There are many cultural programs from our past that we are working to release. We’ve learned to survive in this masculine-dominated world by using our minds to process our reality. At times it feels scary to trust our hearts and to truly honor the messages we hear. There’s a lingering uncertainty…what would my life be like if I fearlessly followed my heart?

The mind is a tool which works in service to the heart, but the ego isn’t running the show. You can analyze every facet of an idea, see it from every angle, but you cannot be overly attached to the anxieties the mind will inevitably conjure up. Your imagination is so powerful, and true magic occurs when you let go of fear, and align your mind with your heart.

To those who crave a deeper connection to their heart, and their wild femininity, it would benefit you to practice listening. Take some time to seclude yourself and energetically clear out old, toxic emotions and thought patterns. This will take time and practice as you get more comfortable with trusting your intuition. That loving, certain voice will get stronger. Consciously observe yourself and distinguish when you are coming from a peaceful place, and when you are coming from a fearful or judgmental place. As you delve into your meditation practice, you notice yourself from a place of unconditional love and acceptance. If you’ve spent much of your life doubting, questioning, or judging yourself, this inner work will absolutely help you to regain the power you’ve unconsciously given away. There is no fault here, because we are not taught in this society to honor the power of our intuition and our innate healing abilities. It is a hidden strength that must be honed and integrated.

Call upon the Goddess, call upon your Soul to integrate the loving truth that you are powerful. It is safe for you to step into your true strength and honor your heart. It’s safe to let go of fear in regards to truly embodying your wild sacred femininity. There are no limits to creativity and your potential. Sit with this truth, and honor yourself for being here to help elevate Universal consciousness. Also think of all the sacred ladies out there who are also walking with you on this path, and all those who came before and are guiding you. As you embrace your sacred femininity and true power, you help others awaken to their own Divinity.


Mastering your Emotions

Intuitives naturally process high levels of energy in the form of thoughts, feelings, and various stimuli. They step into a room and instantly gauge its frequency. Some places are almost unbearable for empaths because they pick up on everything, mostly unconsciously until they learn to notice the subtle cues they are receiving.

The best way for an intuitive person to maintain balance in their daily life is committing to self-care by knowing what you need to feel whole, happy, and balanced. This means creating a holistic lifestyle including your exercise regime, heathy eating, and getting enough sleep to feel bright-eyed, inspired, and productive.

Self-care for empaths also includes continuously clearing your energetic bodies through meditation and healing. As you become a master of your emotions, you realize what a gift it is to be able to feel so deeply. Throughout the day, it may be beneficial to step back and take a moment to close your eyes and tune out the world while you notice the breath. Consciously elongating the breath brings you back to inner stillness and peace. The main lesson for an empath is to practice maintaining the peace you feel inside no matter where you are or what’s going on.

Because empaths are constantly processing so much information on a subtle level, it can be overwhelming. There is a tendency to fall into depression or anxiety, which is why it’s so important to practice self-care. As you practice yogic breathing techniques, you become more adept at tuning into your heart. You can place your hand over your heart while you begin breathing deeply, encouraging the expansion of the rib cage and chest to maximize the flow of oxygen throughout your entire body. You can include visualization techniques, such as breathing in bright white or colored light to clear your energy body. With practice, you will be able to tune in within seconds. Then you will become more proficient at centering yourself in crowded or stressful environments.


2016 vibes ~ Saturn in Saggittarius ~ Neptune in Pisces

The predominant vibration for this new year will be influenced by the Saturn-Neptune square. Saturn represents time, structure, and hard work that endures. Think of it as your legacy. With Saturn, there are no quick fixes, just relentless work and devotion toward your wildest dreams. It has a masculine, fatherly energy, and in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, it’s about preparing the structure to support your freedom and self-expression. This energy encourages you to be optimistic and take action that leads you closer to what you truly value and desire. We are in the process of rebuilding for a totally new era.

Saturn is squaring Neptune in Pisces, which represents glamour, art, dreams, and illusion. We are encouraged to channel the highest vibration of Neptune: the shaman, artist, healer, and visionary dreamer. Do not delude yourself with false hopes or beliefs. The lower vibration of Neptune is drugs, deception, and addiction. With Saturn aspecting Neptune, we have to be very aware of our own self-sabotaging patterns. There is a great opportunity for healing and integration on all levels. With devotion to our spiritual practice, we can deepen our intuitive and psychic skills and gain new abilities.

This year has a lot of mutable energy going on, which means it is beneficial to allow yourself to be flexible (in mind and body) and entertain your craziest desires. The Sagittarius energy will assist you to adopt a happy-go-lucky mindset. What’s the best that can happen?

This year is when we clearly define our personal philosophy and curate the life we want. Refine everything: your look, your career, relationships and belief systems. Everything is in your reach when you connect to your heart and align your actions with your greatest passions.

Thriving as an Empath

Much of the information out there for empaths is centered around the idea that you must protect yourself from undesirable energies. Shield yourself, draw a protective bubble of light, and so on. These concepts merely enforce an underlying assumption of separateness and victim consciousness.

The ability to process subtle energy at a greater intensity can feel like a burden, until we shift to the attitude of the empowered empath.  There is the “unskilled” empath and the “skilled” or awakened empath. The unskilled empath is at the mercy of whatever energy is around them and finds it difficult to feel grounded. They are unaware of the importance of their divine gift which naturally embraces compassion, intuition, and healing abilities. Until an empath learns to consciously work with and hone their intuitive nature, they find their boundaries between self and other blurry and undefined. This can be problematic when they easily absorb the energies of others and find it difficult to assert their boundaries, which may be at odds with the norm.

The first step in the empath’s awakening journey is becoming aware of their true nature. If you are like me, you may not have realized you were an empath until later in life. As a young person, I didn’t know there were concepts to describe my natural inclination toward solitude and introspection, and ability to feel the emotions of others as if they were my own. As a child, others simply said “oh, you’re too sensitive. You have to have a thick skin to survive in this world.” And so highly sensitive people often learn defense mechanisms to cope with the intensity of their feelings.

As an awakening empath, you view your sensitivity as the divine gift that it is, rather than a curse. You no longer have to hold the vibration of the victim any longer. The experience of feeling deeply is truly why we are here. Empaths are also meant to establish clear boundaries in all areas of their lives and learn to trust their innate wisdom. This means you honor your emotions and the messages they are communicating to you. If something doesn’t feel right, listen.

The journey of the awakening empath involves refining your intuition and developing your unique gifts. As you become more skilled as an intuitive, you are able to hold your core frequency wherever you are, no matter what. Empaths naturally process the energy around them through feeling, but they can also act as “filters” refining the energy around them. One of the lessons for intuitives is being aware of their internal state at all times and learning to adjust their energy accordingly in a more purposeful, effective way. The breath is your #1 tool to balance your internal state, which is why yoga and meditation is especially beneficial for highly sensitive people. As you develop and refine your intuitive skills, you are no longer at the mercy of others’ energies. You are free to be in your truth.

Innocent Love


   She has dreamed of mermaids but not like this. When a mermaid incarnates, she is often separated from her place of origin. Yet she is still connected, surrounded by a dream of innocent love in which the images and contents of her realm have been removed so she can stay focused on the human world.

  This is what is channeling through her. The vibration surrounding her originates from this magical realm hidden within nature. If you sense her aura, her energy can lead you back to its source–being within and a part of the realm of mermaids. Focusing on her aura, I easily slip into this realm. This encounter with mermaids is completely spontaneous.

  Her inner mermaid comes right up to me. Her colors are emerald green and various shades of blue that radiate the feelings of hope, happiness, and love.  Her presence communicates to me the vastness and also her love.

   She says to me, “My love is effective under all conditions of life, for I am part of the mysterious power of the sea.”

From “Four Days with a Mermaid” by William Mistele

Connecting with your Cosmic Self

flower goddess


So many of us are awakening to our divine gifts and unique purpose on this earth. As we consciously connect to our deeper soul aspects and the guiding force of our intuition, we are made aware of many levels of expansiveness in every area of our lives. We have clear dreams, and the connection to our inner guidance is made stronger as we listen to the subtle, loving voice of the heart.

We have more acceptance of ourselves, our quirks, and our bodies. Our culture has a strong paradigm of control which unconsciously sends us messages that our bodies are imperfect, especially for women. As we connect to the truth of who we are, this self-criticism melts away, and we begin to express gratitude for this earthly form and all of the ways it supports us in this journey.

In order to establish a clear connection to your Cosmic Self, meditation is a great tool. As we become more aware in our waking lives, we also become more aware in dream-time, and are able to have lucid dreams more frequently. Take time each day to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, having a sacred moment to feel your heart, and breathe deeply into your chest and down into your abdomen. These yogic breaths rejuvenate the body and instantly allow you to tune into your emotions. Your Cosmic Self also comes forward as you follow your passions and highest excitement. This wisdom wants to be grounded in a concrete way, whether it is through dance, art, or music.

When you connect to your Cosmic Self, you learn about acceptance of self and others. Whenever you judge yourself or another, you are in a limited state, bound by fear and control. As we open up to this heart-centered truth that we are imperfectly perfect, we can love ourselves as we are now. We can love others completely without wanting to change them in some way. This is divine grace.


Fresh Spring Vibe

spring is in the air

The warmth of sunshine on bare skin. Flowers bloom one by one. Bright skies invite us to linger a little longer outdoors. This cycle of rebirth gently awakens us from the cozy slumber of our winter retreat. Attuning to these cycles, we are called to action, bringing our loving intention to every moment of the day. What shall we create for the months and years ahead? How are we building upon our foundations in order to create in harmony with the Divine?

This cycle is about opening our hearts up to greater levels of joy, abundance, and sharing. Your intuition is always speaking to you. Will you get still enough to listen? Discover the tools that help you get back in touch with your heart. High-vibe music, dance, journaling, vision boards, and spending time in nature assist me to tune in. Take time to express gratitude for all the love in your life, recognizing the interconnectedness of all things.

Your soul~family is waiting for you, and they recognize you the more you shine your light. Bless every person you meet. Don’t be afraid to smile, make eye contact, and establish authentic connections with others.  Beam out positive vibes to every person you cross paths with. Others feel the purity of your love, transcending space and time. Others appreciate your sensitivity as you awaken to your Divine gifts and are called to share them.

In your meditation, send intentions of love, harmony, and healing to the waters of Gaia, as well as the air, plants, and all beings who call her home. Ground into the core of Mother Earth, beaming light from your heart to hers. Believe in your innate power to heal and transform. Remember, as you heal yourself, you heal the Universe, gracefully bringing all into harmony and balance.

Dreams of a Mermaid


She is of the sea, a visitor to this world. Her aura resonates with the vibration of water – nurturing love, receptivity, innocence. In this moment, mesmerized by the silvery glow of the moon and stars, she is keenly aware of her connection to nature and the dark depths of the ocean. Her presence, like that of nature, is inherently healing and invigorating. To be near her is to feel as if one is lying on a tropical beach, bathed in the sunshine, salty water and starlight on a blue-green planet.

She loves deeply yet without attachment. Love does not force, nor control. Love simply allows. Part of her is always connected to another realm. She is of the sea, a visitor to this world.


All is possible as we move into a dynamic period of rapid expansion. We are so supported and loved always. With this inner knowing  and experience of peace, we move through the world with compassion, gratitude, and joy. Life is a surreal dream, life is art. We choose what we want, and we accept what we think we deserve. We are meant to move from the awareness of our own Divinity.

Our thoughts are the blueprints by which our reality is created, so now more than ever, we watch those thoughts to determine if they are in alignment with the life we want to live. Success and abundance will never come externally until we make the inner shift, knowing we deserve to live a miraculous life filled with inspiring art, vibrant food, fulfilling relationships and careers, and creative channels for self-expression.

Choose a consciousness upgrade Now. Clean up your thoughts and beliefs about what you think is possible. In what ways do you sabotage your own desires? And how can you more fully and lovingly align with your Soul’s path?

Your heart knows the way.

Love Every Moment


The element of water in nature is life-giving, replenishing, and invigorating. It is soothing, cooling, and magnetic. Think of all the life contained within the ocean, and you will get a glimpse of unconditional love that is completely giving in every moment. The vibration of water is completely receptive, effortlessly transforming itself in a myriad of ways. It is healing and nurturing, responding to whatever is needed in the present.

Like water, we are constantly flowing energy in, through, and around us. When energy gets stagnant, it creates a blockage on the physical, mental, emotional, or etheric level that needs to be released. Self-love is an ongoing journey rather than a quick, one-time-fix. Healing on all levels is created by consciously raising our vibration, thus becoming an energetic match to what we want to experience. As limiting beliefs, fears, and patterns fall away, we are invited to live from a more heart-centered place in which we recognize the love, approval, and abundance we seek is always within.